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Research Focus

Recent years have seen a growing number of initiatives to enable simple and robust connectivity between devices. Thanks to protocols like UPnP, DNLA, Bonjour, Salutation or Jini, more and more objects are now able to communicate and advertise services on their local networks.

This is just the first step toward an Internet of Things, where connected things reach the service level standards set by the world wide web in terms of ease-of-use, accessibility, and variety of features.

Connecting things beyond the frontier of local area networks

WaveStorm's ambition is to push communicating objects to that upper level by binding them beyond the frontier of local area networks, making devices accessible to people and other devices wherever they are and allowing a one-for-all user-friendly interface available on any device.

To enable this Internet of Things, WaveStorm research and development team is developing a distributed architecture, fully scalable to new users, devices and services.

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