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In the news


Even more intelligent, the web 3.0 is emerging
- Usine Nouvelle (usinenouvelle.com)


WaveStorm enable objects to communicate
- Les Echos (lesechos.fr)

Frame your desires
- Valeurs Actuelles (valeursactuelles.com)


Ki'i Connects to The Internet
- www.journaldugeek.com (journaldugeek.com)

Ki'i Frame by WaveStorm
- www.kaosproject.be (kaosproject.be)

Ki'i: A Photo Frame Connected to The Internet
- www.clubic.com (clubic.com)

WaveStorm enables objects to intercommunicate
- Usine Nouvelle (usinenouvelle.com)

Pour Ki’i le cadre numérique de Wavestorm ?
- www.erenumerique.fr (erenumerique.fr)

A New Generation Digital Frame
- 01Informatique (01net.com)

A Wifi Photo Frame, But Whithout Card Reader
- www.homemedia.fr (homemedia.fr)

A Wifi Photo Frame With Various Usages
- www.froggytest.com (froggytest.com)

Ki'i Frame: y'a pas photo!
- www.kweb.be (kweb.be)

A digital wifi photo frame by WaveStorm
- www.bestofmicro.com (bestofmicro.com)

WaveStorm Opens the "Digital Photo 2.0" market
- www.pdafrance.com (pdafrance.com)

Wavestorm Wins Starbucks, Meccano, What's Next?
- www.thealarmclock.com (thealarmclock.com)


Meccano switches to Wifi
- SVM Mac (svmmac.fr)

Meccano finds its Wifi Partner
- Nord Littoral


Mecano Convergence
- www.tthebdo.com (tthebdo.com)

A Wi-Fi system from WaveStorm controls latest Meccano's toy robot
- www.vnunet.fr (vnunet.fr)

Cebit 2007 / Wi-fi Meccano
- SVM Mac (svmmac.fr)


WaveStorm extends its security expertise to communicating objects
- 01Informatique (01net.com)

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